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Convert any number to two digits number (with two decimal places), with PHP

Always important. Let's say that you need to convert single number, to number with two decimal places. Primary number you want to convert can be with or without decimal places, integer, decimal, or even string type. $number = 1205;echo number_format((float)$number,

How to check state of firewall on CentOS 7?

First of all - be careful not to stop firewall permanently. Stopping firewall is great security risk, and always check if your firewall is up, running and properly configured. To check state of your firewall run next command: firewall-cmd --state

How to burn ISO image to DVD or CD

If you are using WIndows 10, follow next few steps to burn ISO file to DVD or CD: Insert a blank CD or DVD in your writable optical drive. Right-click on the ISO file, and select option "Burn disk image"

How to prevent SQL injection?

Important is that any parameter in a query needs to be parameterized. It doesn't matter is your query is select, insert, update or delete kind of query, since every query can be used for injection. Let's say that you want